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last time you saw your father?

Posted by Wash Oil Rig Clothing in Fargo North Dakota,

Now showing at the Fargo, an English offering starring Colin Firth entitled "When is the last time you saw your father?" Unfortunately, I can't explain the title without giving away the point of the movie, which isn't apparent until the last few scenes.

The story is really the recollections of Firth, playing the early middle aged son of a dying man, about his stormy relationship with his father. So there are actually two other actors playing Firth's part, one as a pre-teen and another a late teen/young adult. The story takes place in England, but I'm not sure where: if I had to guess, I'd say the Midlands. There are some, but not enough for me, gorgeous shots of English countryside and the marvelous medieval architecture that I think is found only in England(well, there are some replicas in Toronto).

From the outset, it is clear that Firth's father is not what most would consider a nice man. Ill tempered toward his son, a womanizer, more than a moderate drinker. It is interesting, and the movie does a tremendous job in this I think, to observe Colin's reactions and defenses as well as his mother's.

This movie will not be for everyone. But I was thinking about it days later, so that makes it worthwhile to me. As is so often the case with indie's not much action but a lot of thought provoking action.

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