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Movie: "Quarantine," Now showing

Posted by Wash Oil Rig Clothing in Fargo North Dakota,

Movie: "Quarantine," Now showing at most major theatres.

This is a low budget "Blair Witch Project meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre." The Blair Witch project is aprapo since the whole movie is shot(with a few exceptions) with a hand held TV Journalists camera. That's about all I found interesting in this movie. Usually I don't like to comment on the quality of movies, but this stunk, badly. I suppose there are some people that would like it(must be since there are some positive reviews out there), so here's what it's about: A TV Journalist and her cameraman are to spend a night with an LA fire engine company. The company gets called to a medical assist at a run down apartment house. Turns out that some of the residents have a mutant form of rabies which is immediately transmitted to whomever they bite. Not just the disease, but the violence, which is transmitted immediately. Due to an escaped dog, the authorities find our about this and immediately seal off the house physically, trapping the TV people, several fireman, a policeman and most of the residents inside: some are rabid. From there on it’s a totally predictable "who gets it next" bite fest. Towards the end of the movie, I had some hopes that a plot would develop, but no such luck. I want my two hours back.

There were people that screamed during the movie, so if you like things like teen slasher movies, you might like this.

Story: F.

Cinematography D.

Acting: C-.

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