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City of Men

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City of Men is a sequel to "City of God," which also spawned a television series with the name City of Men on the Sundance Channel. All of the above take place in the slums of Rio de Janiero.
City of Men is about two teen aged boys, 18 at the time of the movie and their lives in the drug, crime infested gang
controlled Bald Hill Section of the City of God, originally a government housing project that was supposed to solve all these problems. This information, however, is in City of God, a movie so horrifically violent I found it impossible to believe that anyone could live through what it portrays. City of Men, however, actually has a story, and a good one at that. The two boys,
Aceorola and Laranajina are also the principals in the television series, they as well as many other characters are played by the same actors as in the TV series. The sets, if they are sets as opposed to the real thing, are also the same, or at least many of them are.
Laranajina is also a father, but doesn't know who his is. Ace, as his name appears in the subtitles in the movie but not the TV series, knows who his father was, emphasis on the was. In this movie, Laranajina(subtitled "Wallace" in the movie but not the TV series) tries to find his father amid the corruption and violence of two gangs battling for control of Bald Hill. A story actually appears. complex and interesting. And there is a reasonable portrayal of life under such a situation.
The violence is manageable: if, as I was for the first movie, you are curious about life under such situations, then this movie would probably be a good choice. If you go to movies for escapism, you'd probably want to skip this.

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