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Starting Out in the Evening

Posted by Wash Oil Rig Clothing in Fargo North Dakota,

Fargo Phantom Movie Reviews
Starting Out in the Evening, a small indie with only half a dozen or so speaking parts. The movie is mostly conversations between a retired professor that is also a writer whose writing has seen better days but is still writing, a graduate student at Brown University who is writing her master's thesis on the professor and his work. Then
there's the professor's 40 year old daughter and several of her on again off again boyfriends. So amidst all this talking, what is this movie about? I think it's about relationships. Past ones, developing ones, boyfriend-girlfriend, father-offspring, acceptance, forgiveness in such. The question is posed: how often do/should people change to further a relationship?
I think there are probably a lot of strong performances in this movie: I particularly liked Adrian Lester's performance as one of the professor's daughter's significant others. But if you crave action, well, the most action in this movie is the doorman at the professor's apartment noting the arrival of the graduate student, or someone hailing a cab.
I believe the movie was filmed in New York's Greenwich Village, a charming are which has always fascinated me. I did enjoy the portrayal of what little goes on taking place there. Makes me want to relocate, if for only a short period of time.
If you like slow paced literature on the screen, you should like this. If you want to see anything happen, anything at all, then look elsewhere.

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