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4 Months 3 Weeks 2 Days.

Posted by Wash Oil Rig Clothing in Fargo North Dakota,

Phantom Movie Reviews:
Now left the Fargo, this is a Romanian indie
about a college student during the days of Ciaocescu(during the Soviet influence years) who has an unwanted pregnancy(apparently 4 months, three weeks and 2 days in length) and her efforts to have an illegal abortion. Actually, the movie is more about her roomate, who has to deal with the difficulties of getting this done in a socialist state where everything is done by people who don't really don't give a damn, the person who is going to do the abortion(a man whose credentials are never made clear) and the pregnant girl, who is reluctant to take responsibility for anything, including arranging for her own abortion.

I was hoping for a depiction of life in Ciacescu's Romania during that period, which is something I don't think any of us can phantom. There is a little of that, but not much. The movie is more about the roommate and her emotions and interactions with the "doctor." I guess it's supposed to be a character study of the three main characters already mentioned, but since it's in Romanian(fully and well subtitled) I find it hard to judge how successful the movie was in this. The acting, I think, was superb, but the film(which I think was a DVD) did not show well on the screen.

If you like this sort of thing, this movie is probably a good choice. On the other hand, there is literally no action except for some moving streetcars.

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