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Snow Angels

Posted by Wash Oil Rig Clothing in Fargo North Dakota,

Fargo Phantom Movie Reviews
An indie that just left the Fargo Theater.
The movie takes place in a small town in the rockies during the months of snow. This town, although it might appear to be so from the outside, is not the picturesque idyllic small western town you might expect. No, there's no super-natural funny business going on or any centuries old secrets, just a couple of broken families and their children. Such situations often breed or are bred by problems of infidelity, alcoholism, etc and these situations are no different, with some attention paid to the children of these broken homes.
I've read that this movie is a coming of age tale of the above mentioned adolescents, and that is part of the movie, but the whole movie is a depressing description of the things that can happen in such a situation, some, we expect from the opening scene are at least unpleasant if not horrifying.
See this movie only if you are fascinated by the seamier side of life and don't need your spirits lifted.

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