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The Band's Visit.

Posted by Wash Oil Rig Clothing in Fargo North Dakota,

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To begin with, let's set the record straight. Regardless of what you have read in other reviews, promos, or whatever, the Band in the title is the "Alexandria(Egypt) Police Ceremonial Orchestra." In this Israeli offering, the Band is visiting a small, out of the way Israeli town to help open the new Moslem Cultural Center. It should be pointed out here that not all Israelis hate Arabs and not all Arabs(particularly Egyptians) hate Israellis. But some do, on both sides. I should also like to point out that I write with some authority on this subject, having visited Israel half a dozen times, for visits ranging from 2 weeks to a month, and Egypt, in particular Alexandria once for a period of two weeks.
The Ceremonial Orchestra, by a misunderstanding caused by interpreting Pet something as Bet something(I'm not sure this is really possible, but lets play like it is), gets off an Israeli bus at the wrong town. The town was obviously Israeli to me, and I almost wanted to sit down in one of the two outdoor tables at the tiny restaurant and order swarma(spit roasted meet). Well, not everyone in the wrong town welcomes Arabs, but that isn't a major part of the movie. The Orchestra(all eight of them) stay in the town over night, experience night life(very authentic) with some of the locals, dine and bunk with some of the locals. The Israelis are at first portrayed as very rude, particularly the telephone operators. That's the way I found it, too, but they don't stay that way, also in my experience.
So, what’s the movie about? People. People can get along, even if they don't speak the same language. I learned that on my first trip to Israel(which also included the trip to Egypt), and I think it the message of the movie. A poignant and timely message, in my opinion.
Not much action here, but splendid acting. If you'd like to go somewhere you won't be able to in person, you'll probably enjoy this. If you need chase scenes and the like, better skip it.

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