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Nim's Island "Great Childrens Movie"

Posted by Wash Oil Rig Clothing in Fargo North Dakota,

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"Nim's Island" is a piece of summer fluff only it isn't summer yet. I think it's primarily a kid's movie. and I think that's borne by the fact that I saw it with a 6 and an 11 year old, who were seeing it for the second time because they wanted to.
Nim is an eleven year old girl spectacularly played by Abigail Breslin, who I think will go far. She lives on an island isolated in the vast Pacific, apparently in Fiji. She lives with her marine biologist father who studies plankton or some such single celled marine life. Apparently Nim's mother disappeared previously under unclear marine circumstances.
Nim also reads Adventure stories of the Indiana Jones Genre. The hero's name is Alex, presumably short(apparently he writes in the first person) for Alexander but actually short for Alexandra, a very neurotic New Yorker playued by Jodie Foster who can't even leave her own apartment. As it happens, Alexandra is familiar with Nim's fathers writings, which is convenient because Nim's Father gets lost at sea, Nim e-mails who she thinks is her hero for help and a fluffy adventure story ensues. Typhoons, plane rides in tiny planes that fly between the scattered islands tourists invasions, deep jungles on the island, etc. In other words, enough to keep my interest. I enjoyed it, possibly because I didn't expect high drama, and the boys loved it.
If you want to switch your brain off for a while or want something to take the kids to, this might be a good choice.
However, it will not appeal to your prurient interest of taste for violence, if you have such.

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